Have you ever thought about how books travel round and round, as if on a never ending carousel. They get passed from person to person, each new set of hands adding their mark to the story. Those grease stains on page 67 you see and then end up daydreaming how they got there. Each houseContinue reading “Carousel”

It’s Monday….again!

It’s Monday…..again. I don’t know about you, but where I am was a gorgeous, sun-filled weekend that could have gone on ¬†forever. What do you know? It’s Monday and they are calling for rain. So, I have decided the best approach may just be the ostrich approach. It’s bad enough I had to hear aboutContinue reading “It’s Monday….again!”

Where have I been???

Well, you know that Hurricane Michael? It was not supposed to hit us. Just some LIGHT rains. Well……let me tell you… hit Saturday and we are still without power in some areas and underwater in others.  Turns out Hurricane Michael not only hit, but added a cyclone just to make sure we all were onContinue reading “Where have I been???”