It’s Monday….again!

It’s Monday…..again. I don’t know about you, but where I am was a gorgeous, sun-filled weekend that could have gone on  forever. What do you know? It’s Monday and they are calling for rain.

So, I have decided the best approach may just be the ostrich approach.

It’s bad enough I had to hear about the bad weather on the news, but no matter how long I watched it this morning there was still no breaking announcements I cared about.

I did see that I was among a select group of social media “likers” that feel strongly about Mondays. The number seems a bit low to me though.

This might be because the planner I bought for the year was at a discount store and it seems my days are labeled as…..

I have adopted this VERY effective coping technique though.

I tried to be rational about Monday’s, but I always did hate math!

Monday’s are like stepping in dog shit in a new pair of shoes……and blaming the stink on everyone else….

Oh well. At least Monday’s only come once a week.

Have a great Monday everyone!



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8 thoughts on “It’s Monday….again!

  1. Mondays are days that give me the opportunity to a brand new week to get what I didn’t get right the week before, right the coming week. That is how I’ve come to look at Mondays. 🙂

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