Well, once again Mr. King has proven that he is the master of the horror genre, and an overall brilliant story teller. This short novella once again is a coming of age story, an area in which his talents as an author truly shine, that is such an engrossing and fast paced tale that will suck you in and drag you along until returning you breathless back to your own home, a completed novel in your hand, and missing time that you feel like never happened.

Your engineer on this runaway mining train from hell is none other than James (or Jimmie), the son of a literary agent that has one hell of a tale to tell. You meet him at age 6, and will be whipped and spun through his childhood and young adult life, seeing and cringing from all that he does. This is a horror story after all. Though I could tell you so much about his haunts, to do so would lessen your experience with Later. So trust me, sit back, strap in, and kiss your loved ones as you climb aboard this crazy, rocket fueled ride that is the latest from the mind of a true horror legend. Be sure to run (don’t walk) and grab your copy of LATER now! Enjoy my friends!

See you, Later!

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