This is so gorgeous in person!

Have you ever thought about how books travel round and round, as if on a never ending carousel. They get passed from person to person, each new set of hands adding their mark to the story. Those grease stains on page 67 you see and then end up daydreaming how they got there. Each house the book lands in adding its own imprint with the family, smells, sounds, and page turning that occurs there. It’s almost as fascinating as the novel itself to think about a books story; it’s journey.

A carousel and a hot air balloon, oh my!

I’ve never been one to part with “things” easily, and books are one of the hardest for me to let go of. That’s why being able to repurpose them, give them new life, and a new chance to bring joy without being dumped in a recycle bin somewhere, thrills me. Oh the things you can do to and with books!

Mermaid carousel

I’ve made this carousel in so many colors and so many different size varieties, even making the spindle from a clear tube to add more lights. It’s so pretty in person!

You should check out my Etsy shop and look at some of the ways that a book can be repurposed. I’m always adding new ideas. Come by, look, send me a message and let’s see if we can customize something for you to keep as a reminder of your love of books. There’s Oceans of Books out there for you to explore … read them, hold them, shelve them, or display them as book art!

I do hope that your week is a great one this week. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Leave a comment for me or follow along. . . I am definitely glad that you’re here!

I’ll see you soon my friends!


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