INSIDE OUT: and outside in? 

Sometimes, you have to slow down, and look at all there is that around you that is natural created beauty. We miss so many things around us just in the act of being late, rushed, happy, bouncing, or simply so self involved that all we see is us. Our pain. Our joy. Our sadness. Our anger. Always our. We have become a society of people that are so self absorbed that we are blinded to the plights, as well as beauty and gifts of others around us. 

We all have the same emotions. Some of us just show them or hide them better than others. Who I WANT to be is JOY. She is always happy and sees the best in everything. That is my front face. Though sometimes, it is truly who I am. During the rest of the time I believe I am a mix of FEAR, DISGUST, SADNESS, ANGER and maybe a little of the BING-BONG silliness. 

As I was inundated within the walls of the VA center, I realized that sometimes we are so quick to judge without ever remembering that EVERYBODY has a story, and EVERYONE has a cross that they carry. Some are heavier than others, while some cut deeper and leave deep, ragged cuts and scars. I think the cross I am carrying may be all of those, heavy with deep and ragged cut scars falling across my weathered and tanned skin. The more you’ve been through, the deeper and more ragged they become. Then these scars become monstrosities. The Igor’s and Frankenstein’s of society. The outcasts. But why? Why is this? Who are we to judge another when we ourselves have crosses to bear? 

We should be giving thanks for our differences, and for the fact that we are all not the same. How boring would we be if we were all exactly alike? When our scars are deep and ragged, when we look broken and bent, as a fellow human, you should reach out and offer a shoulder, an ear, or sometimes just to be there. Quietly. Assuring each other we are not alone, yet we aren’t being demanded of. Beauty……….in all of its forms. 

Beauty…….what a word. What is beauty? For me, beauty comes in many forms. Beauty is not only outside, but more inside for me. 

Beauty is the amazing friend that stands by you, no matter what happens. Nothing shakes them from loving you and being there. They want nothing from you but your friendship in return. This is beauty in its best form. 

Beauty is the angel that sacrifices her body and soul to bring forth joy and love, no matter the cost. This beauty is rare and the purest form of love. This beauty I’m blessed with knowing and loving and for supporting and being. 

Beauty is enjoying the sunshine and smiling. Beauty is radiating from within to everyone outside yourself. 

Beauty is conquering your fears and letting the whole world know about it! 

Beauty is that quiet moment you have when you can just feel and be. 

Beauty is having fun, wherever you are and not caring who is looking. 

Beauty is that crystal clarity that every once in awhile you find in your soul. 

Beauty is the fire in your soul, and the fire that warms your heart on those cold, icy days. 

Beauty is the rays of sun that shine through the clouds after a rainy day. 

Beauty is a sunset by the sea. The ocean lulling your problems away. 

Beauty is a sunrise reminding you that you have another chance to do the right thing. To be beautiful yourself. 

Beauty is being able to just flick your bad day away and know that beauty is all around you if you choose to see it. 

Beauty is knowing that every closed door……

Will just help you find the open window to escape to. You just have to look around. 


Beauty can be as simple as an ice cream when you’re feeling blue. 

Beauty is the once in a life time sky……

Or the star that guides you home. 

Beauty is the creativity of a child, and the simplistic way they make a bad day amazing! 

Beauty is a first or a lasting kiss. Endurance and pride. Sunrise and sunset. 

It took me a very long time to see the beauty around me in all of its forms. There are so many more. What or where do you find beauty?? Inside?? Outside?? I’d love to know or to see what is beautiful in your eyes. 

As always and until next time………



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