Blinded -short story by Michael Thomas-Knight

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Michael Thomas-Knight
315 words

Blinded with pain, the room comes back into dizzying focus. I look up into my business partner’s face; he’s smiling. I can see him smiling and I know I’m in danger. It’s the same smile he had when we swindled old lady Jenkins out of her retirement savings to pay for the construction work we were doing on her home. The glass I had been drinking from sits on its side, a few feet from me. The spilled bourbon casts a brown splotch on the light gray carpet.

 Jerry’s smile melts as my vision distorts, turning the room into a carnival funhouse mirror. My veins are on fire as the burning spreads to every part of my body. I push myself to stand but my muscles don’t move. Foamy spittle oozes from my mouth. Everything in my vision turns red. I feel the warmth…

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