Paying it forward! Not my usual post…please read through and click link! 

Mostly I try to do book reviews and posts that will make a bad day a little better. Today I post a link that I’m hoping all of my friend here will take a serious look at, and donate. Even a $5.00 donation can change the lives of this family. 

So, why help? It’s not me. I’ve got stuff to do and I need that $5.00 or $20.00 to go buy “stuff.” Well my friends, “stuff” for this family is clothing and school supplies for 2 girls that didn’t ask for their mom to be sick. “Stuff” helps the $350 co-pay PER WEEK for the bed bound mom to receive physical, speech, and occupational therapy to try to get back to working. “Stuff” is another week in a motel for children who have lost their home and all their possessions, and at least not have a roof over their head. “Stuff” mean the world to a family dealing with devastation. 

We are quick to send our money to foreign countries when earthquakes hit. Quick to help people in our own when hurricanes flood (I know I did.)   We are quick to help anyone that doesn’t have a “homeless” tag to them. 

I’m asking you now, overcome that. Pay it forward. Hell, I buy a coffee for the person behind me all the time at Starbucks. Wonder if that was you? Doesn’t it make you feel good to do the right thing for the right reason? I know it does me. So here’s the link. Please, click and read. Know this family was a triple digit, productive, health care and community service driven family. Until her birthday came. Imagine, waking up great! Your day is great, and you drive into work. You take an assignment of sick people needing you attention. It’s your birthday……yet no one knows. Your secret. Your gift for someone else to take the day off. Then as you turn the door to go help a patient………BAM you have a stroke and they find a brain aneurysm and many neural defecits……… All on your birthday. You’ve now lost your income, your home, you ability to walk and talk…….happy birthday to you!

Yup, that birthday rocked this family to the core. Let’s make it better!

Please…… it forward. We are all in this together. 

Go Fund Me Link

Your donation could make all the difference to children who don’t understand, and a family in dire crisis. 

Until next post my lovelies, please do the right thing. 



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