The Sea Makes No Promises…..and Breaks None. 

Have you ever looked around and thought, “well, dang it I wish I would have done that better.” I know I do ALL the time. I am currently writing my review on a book written by what once was a total stranger, just an author I happenstance read, and whom now I consider a friend. While that may sound like “well all her reviews will be golden,” no, I have that unique ability to separate work and friendship. Apparently I DO NOT have the same talent when it comes to fellas. You know…..that dirty, nasty, cuss word……M. E. N. (Shhhhhhhh they may hear us!) 

Yup, we all know how that goes. Chivalry is a word that apparently is not taught on Xbox or PlayStation or whatever video game system they are on these days. So why bring this up when talking about the review I am doing for my friend and her amazing second novel ? Well, her main character Silla I am absolutely in love with. ‘And The Trees Crept In,” written by the talented Dawn Kurtagich, reintroduces us to the concept of chivalry and worlds of promise. Since I am actively writing the review, I will save that for you to read in the upcoming review. Though a horror novel, and filled with action, it did bring forth to me the male and female differences we face today. So in that spirit, and while I am wrestling with choices, I bring to you a few Monday funnies to hopefully make you smile! 

The Battle Of The Sexes: My Monday Funny

*********The Basics!**************

**********Brain issues??***********

*********Basic Knowledge!*********

********At least it rhymed!**********


*********And BOOM that’s it!********

***so they know what we do with them***

***just because it’s cool before the end***


May your Monday be filled with love and laughter……..



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