Tomorrow’s Friday!

Hey! Have you heard? The weekend’s almost here! Tired from a long, hard week? Are you just ready to say goodbye to this week? Well, fear not! Call everyone you know and tell them it’s almost the weekend! You have almost made it! Just one more day! You can do it! Hang in there!  Then you’llContinue reading “Tomorrow’s Friday!”

Rain, Rain, Go Away…!

It’s raining here in my piece of heaven. The weather seems to have matched my mood. I just can’t tell you how bad I hate cleaning the house. I hate it even more when companies coming… So, what am I doing? Giving myself (and hopefully sharing them with you) a case of the giggles. Enjoy!Continue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away…!”

What a day! (But your funnies are at the end!)

 Everyday we wake up it’s such a blessing. One more chance to do the right thing. To be a great person. To be there for someone else selflessly. Everyday is a new beginning.  So, we get up and we go out and we try to do what’s right. What is expected. I’ve noticed though thatContinue reading “What a day! (But your funnies are at the end!)”