What a day! (But your funnies are at the end!)

 Everyday we wake up it’s such a blessing. One more chance to do the right thing. To be a great person. To be there for someone else selflessly. Everyday is a new beginning. 

So, we get up and we go out and we try to do what’s right. What is expected. I’ve noticed though that some days are harder than others. Somedays, although best intentions are put forth, we fall short. Then begins a blame game. Why did I? Why did they? Why is it always me?  

Sometimes we just want a do over. To just go back to bed and wake up and it will all be better.  But guess what?? That’s the beauty! Everyday is a new beginning. Instead of challenges, you’ve been given a new possibility. 

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s an amazing gift. I screw up ALL the time, but tomorrow I have a chance to start again. Like the ocean it’s never the same shore twice. You step and move your foot, and all of the sand that was there changes. That’s us! 

I’m going through some major changes too right now, so I am terribly late on my book reviews and blog posts…..but that’s ok. Tomorrow is another day. Another chance. Now, instead of all the sentimental stuff that clogs up this blog, I choose to end it with more funnies. So……….without further ado……these people get another chance too! 

***they have ALMOST got it right!***

***arent ALL Army vehicles camouflaged**

***and I was worried about that coyote***

***run doggies run!***

***oh my! ***

***im cancelling THAT subscription!***

And finally remember:

Until next time my friends……just keep swimming!



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