Night Shift

Curfew by Jayne Cowie was a fast and fun read. Going into the novel, I tried to have zero preconceived notions or take into account any other reviews as I wanted to experience the novel from start to finish on my own, as a clean slate (okay, so as clean as I could be…)

This novel is another set in a “not so distant future” where females have taken the power “back” from males, and determined that violence stems from, and is perpetrated by men be allowed out in the evening to drink, and cat call, and sometimes even exude violence on the women trying to scurry from one safe place to another. Finding that when it came to violence, almost all was perpetrated by men, lawmakers enact a curfew, and an electronic tracking device installed as soon as make children reached the age of ten, and ensuring that all men are home “safely tucked away” starting at 7 pm. . Whoa- can you imagine those poor make children… being brought in to be cattle tagged, and by women who ensure that the tags can’t be removed or tampered with. No more running and playing outside, no more men paid more for work than women, gender gap equalized, women have become empowered. Think Britain in a whole Handmaids Tale situation, only female run.

This is where we meet Sarah, a working mother from an abusive relationship that has had her husband arrested for curfew violation, and supports the tagging so fiercely, she has become a target at the center herself. Her daughter Cass doesn’t but in to the whole men are the problem theory, and as a daddy’s girl, is non too pleased with her mother for having her father arrested. Teenage angst was NOT fixed by the trackers, and Cass has an ABUNDANCE of it to ooze around into her own life and, of course, into the lives of others around her. Her teacher. Her best friend. Her mother. Her moms job. You can see the trouble brewing a mile away.

Then the day comes when Cass is at her mother La job doing a job shadow experience when she witnesses her mother use a taser against one of the men in for a check of fitting of his tracker band. From that moment on, Cass makes decisions and choices that rock this book from there to the head spinning conclusion. It’s a wild ride, and I won’t spoil even one minute of it for you.

I will say, I am one of those readers that once the novel is finished, despite knowing all of the people that the “thank you’s” traditionally go to, I actually read every work of the acknowledgment section, as well as any other author left information as I am always intrigued as to The Who, how and why such novel came about. Cowie did not disappoint and I will say the information she presents about the rate of violence in Britain and its male driven numbers, she makes some crazy and long lasting impressions with her thoughts. As Cowie points out, the idea came for a “solution” to the violence – but did it work in theory in the novel, or are we shown what’s underneath… how violence can be created on both sides … she, of course , leaves that for you to decide. I suggest you take her up on this and get to preordering this gem for its release date of March 22, 2022. It’s a well done novel and one you won’t regret reading.

This was a 4 out of 5 star read for me. Thank you to #NetGalley, the publishers, and the author for an advanced ARC in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Happy reading my friends!


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