Silhouette Book Art Sculptures!

In the holiday spirit, a bunch of new items are being introduced into my #Etsy shop. Some of these are one of a kind, as they are made IN the book for which the design inspiration came from. Not only that, those one of a kind books are perfect collector items that add to the art. I love something I know that no one else has. What a talk piece. A conversation starter. I just love things that bring us together and allow us to talk about good things instead of the usual bad we are seeing these days.

One of my absolute #favorite #ChristmasMovies is A Christmas Story. Okay, who am I kidding. I can watch that movie anytime… but I especially love it on repeat starting around thanksgiving time and through the holiday season. Ralphie makes me want that Red Ryder BB Gun… almost as much as wanting the A++++++++++++++++++++++++ paper. Cue the wild applause!!!

This is a one of a kind silhouette art piece. While I was lucky and given a couple copies of the book, each one will have a different theme or image. I started with my favorite … “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

This is available for purchase on my Etsy site here ~ ~ but this won’t last long. I’m also including a few photos for you to see this awesome creation here as a sneak peek as well! What an awesome Christmas gift, or even an addition to your own holiday decor or home decor.

Oh boy! The bunny suit too?!
Oh that hidden Red Ryder BB Gun!!
Oh my!! A Red Ryder BB Gun ad?!

How is any Christmas complete without the chilling tale of Mr. Charles Dickens telling us to watch our step with the haunting A Christmas Carol. This is also a one of a kind creation placed in a gorgeous copy of the novel. You can find it in my Etsy shop here ~ ~ but like the previous art piece, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

I just love this tale!
Oh Marley, those chains do look ever so heavy.
Good thing Tiny Tim is there to bless us all!
And this book has lighted bling! What an awesome image!

What about that beautiful Victorian Musician book everyone loves? It’s become a holiday favorite in my shop! This year, I’ve added a version 2 including Christmas Carolers. It’s a gorgeous variation of the original. You can see the original here in my Etsy shop ~ ~ and my newest version here in my Etsy shop ~

You just can’t imagine how gorgeous this is in person!
Hand drawing and cutting each piece. Including those songbooks and the puppy!

I’ve also added one featuring a fathers love. You know, those sweet dads holding their babies hands. Taking them fishing. Those are memories and sites that live in us long after the event has happened. This tribute to a dads love can be seen soon on my Etsy site, but here’s a sneak preview here !

So many paper flowers and bling!
I’m in love too!
So sweet!
Look at that aurora borealis shine!

There are many other silhouette books also for sale in my Etsy shop. This year, with pipelines shut down, why not #shoplocal and #supportsmallbusinesses and #supportlocalartists by adding one of these timeless pieces to your home, or purchase for someone you love today. There’s no better way to make someone smile that with #custom book art!

Oh Sherlock, do tell!
Oh bother!
And we’re off to see the wizard!

Thanks for reading my blog. I do hope you will follow along with my book reviews and book art fun! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the art! Until next time … happy reading and happy adding of recycled folded book art in your life!


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