Angels in time for Christmas

This year has been incredibly trying due to the long reaching, and seemingly never ending, effects of the pandemic. USPS had become slower, things are lost more often when shipped, people are so paranoid they are absconding with other peoples packages left by delivery drivers, even IF the are captured on the home they are violating, or a neighbors door camera device. Shipping pipelines shutting down meaning less stock on our shelves, also warranting companies to gouge those already high prices to astronomical levels. Food prices soaring, ability to work decreased or hindered all together – and here we are … again at the precipice of another holiday season.

It’s a lot to take in. With reopening of holidays and space and gathering numbers returning to “normal” – people just want to have fun. Let loose. Mingle and mix and do everything bigger and better. Unfortunately that’s not possible for everyone. And with constraints on living and eating at an all time high – the word giving should be taking on newer and more heartfelt gestures this year of all years. We’ve had it tough. So much unrest and uncertainty.

So what’s the answer? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine, is as good as those in higher positions, and so on and so forth. I think for me, it’s the return to giving hand made crafts, crafts and items made by hands specifically for the person intended. The thought, the knowledge of the receiver, the amount of love and kindness doesn’t have to come from a big factory, be a store bought thing.

This year, why not look at sites like Etsy? Handcrafted with love is all over that site, and as a bonus, a lot of the sellers offer free shipping! Everyone knows that free shipping is dollars you aren’t adding to the price and taxes associated with purchases. Bam! And straight to your door! No muss, no fuss, and no venturing out in flu plus pandemic season chaos!

I started my journey into the craft world after suffering a stroke, at work, ON my birthday, from an undiagnosed brain aneurysm. Who knew?! Before the stroke I was very science minded, where as after the stroke I found that I had this huge creative side that opened up.

As I am sure you can tell from my blogging choices, I absolutely love books. I have my whole life. The more the merrier and the happier I feel. When I learned that books deemed “unworthy” or that had outlived their shelf life (oh boy – shelf life …hmmm 😂) were sent to warehouses to be either destroyed or forgotten to mold in stuffed away places. How sad! So of course, my medium has settled to book art. While I do all kinds of art, (the drawing, painting, cutting, coordinating, floral arrangements and wreath making, vinyl work, wall art, paper art, etc) my favorite integration is, of course, these beautiful recycled books, and all of the crazy creations I can turn them into.

I mean seriously … I made a book lamp that lights up!

I’ve just listed my two newest Angel Folded Book Art Sculptures in time for Christmas. I’m adding new things and new designs quite frequently too! There’s A Christmas Story silhouette book art series coming out that will all be ONE OF A KIND, and IN the original book that started that movie craze.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!!!!!

There will be a couple of original and ONE OF A KIND, and IN the original A Christmas Carol silhouette book, that when these are gone they are gone so be sure to keep checking.

Oh Bah-Humbug, you old Scrooge!

There’s even coming to Etsy a Sherlock Holmes Silhouette fold book that will also be ONE OF A KIND, and IN the original leather book which is absolutely gorgeous! Again, when this sells out it’s gone.

I do make all of these featured in just whatever book I am working with on the site, available to purchase as well, for slightly less in price, but they DO NOT come in the book from which the image displayed is from. Just another collector bonus. I also customize so you can choose your ribbon or flower colors! You can see the Sherlock Holmes silhouette book NOT in the Sherlock Holmes book, but just in a recycled book in my Etsy shop here: but no two versions are quite the same. There are other silhouette books listed there as well.

Speaking of flowers, there will also be new vase appearances both in the book and free standing, as well as candles, music boxes, carousels, nativity sets, fairy houses, bird houses, and a few more brand new items as well. So keep checking for more to come!

These are so pretty and all handmade flowers with a few silk. You can see this one and more at :

Without further ado, introducing the Gold and White Angel Folded Book Art Sculpture with its absolutely stunning floral rose bouquet and glitter painted shine is an absolute room stopper. Walking around her in the different ways light hits her has her sparkling and sending positive and good luck for you this holiday season, and everyday as a reminder that there are good things watching over us. You can find it here on Etsy, or you can view it here on Pinterest, or I have put a couple right here for you to see!

She is just stunning!
Those 6 tiny handmade roses in that bouquet!

Also added is the Black and White Gingham Angel Folded Book Art Sculpture, featuring another gorgeous rose bouquet as well as black ribbon rose, black and white glitter and black and white ink design. Oh my goodness, she’s a showstopper. No photograph captures just how stunning they are in person, and a customer review even pointed this out. They are crazy pretty. You can see this gorgeous angel on Etsy here: and at Pinterest here:, and of course I have put a couple here as well.

Words and photos just don’t do it.
Such a looker.
I just love making tiny rose bouquets!

Everything on these angels is folded by me, cut by hand, painted and decorated so that I’ve never had duplicate art, personalized, and made with tons of love and attention. Most things have any where from hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands of cuts and folds. And that’s before any of the hard work and magic happens. What better way to spread love and not break the bank, as well as avoiding all the stress and headache from hoping your stuff gets through the pipelines … yeahhh… I’d be a Grinch for sure!

Oh Mr. Pipeline trouble makers…

I do hope this helps you with creative ideas for holiday gifts, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showers, parties, I love you gifts, or simply for those book lovers that enjoy showcasing their love in a new and improved form!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I do hope you will be so kind as to leave me a comment, follow along with me on this book review and book art journey, visit the #Etsy shop, and customize and send some unique love to yourself or loved ones! May your holiday season be filled with loved ones, good memories, good times, and blessings abound!

I love making new friends!


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