Rock, Paper, Scissors

This was a whirlwind… up all night reading experience … as I’ve closed the cover of the book I am once again in awe of Alice Feeney’s storytelling abilities. This was such a fast and fun read … unreliable narrators… red herrings … and a twisted ending that only Feeney could ROCK

I truly was afraid the PAPER was going to catch fire 🔥 as I was reading so quickly to see where this tale of marital love, lies, and murder… was headed …

I will gladly hold, pass, or cut with the SCISSORS Fenney will be using to cut the ribbon on the award announcement as one of the best mystery/ thriller books this year. Oh the twisted way she incorporates marriage, being a writer, being a reviewer, and so many other facets of life she delicately injects throughout this novel will have you identifying and cringing as you bob and weave through this compulsive wild mouse ride of a read. Watch you neck … whiplash may occur …

Definitely was a 4.5 star read for me upgraded to a 5 star read for the way she pulled me in by adding so many things I could relate to while writing this twisted tale. You will not go wrong reading this one! I definitely recommend this for any mystery/thriller, fast paced, unreliable narrator, red herring filled with surprise ending reader. You don’t even have to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide whether you should read this or not …

Thanks for reading my review, which I try to always tailor toward whether you should buy it, wait for the library, or skip it, because what are friends for, right? What did you think?? Did this grab you too?? Could you have set out like that? Just you and your kids and no “place” to even go to?! So many things and talking/ discussing points arose from this book for me. What did it make you think about? I hope you decide to follow along with my book blog and book art journey!

As always, happy reading my friends! It’s a great day to curl up with a good book!


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