The Haunting of Leigh Harker

If we are all honest with ourselves, who isn’t afraid of the dark? That tap, tap, tap that you hear… just the house settling, or is that the slow tap of shoe meeting flooring? The weight of the tap unfamiliar to any you’ve heard before. Reaching slowly for the light switch… the soft click sounding like thunder in your ears… but no light to save you. And what’s that change in the shadow shape? Is that someone standing there waiting for your attention to wander?

Yes, from the opening sentence author Darcy Coates had me hooked… line and sinker … reeling me along through this well woven horror house … letting go only after I had finished reading and was breathless. Coates managed to go into this novel at break neck speed, and maintain as well as twist, turn, and continue to apply the pressure, as well as even ramp it up even more than I thought was possible. There are passages so vivid, I’m sure I will see them in my nightmares. I spent the entire read not knowing whether to bob, or weave… BO-EAVE maybe?!?!… while also caring deeply for Leigh, the main character, as well as for Sarah, the 85 year old champion. I refuse to give spoilers, so I will just say this one was never what I thought, or had pegged out in my reading mind. This is a pure treat! Amazing writing, likable characters, and creepy setting with an ever evolving story line ,.. yes please! Sign me up! Oh wait … I was just there !

Now serving … your turn!!

This is one to have marked and saved, or pre-ordered for its Sept. 7, 2021 release date. This is a true 4.5 star out of 5 star book, perfect to get you in the feel of those spooky Halloween nights around the corner.

And who doesn’t love a good Halloween fling!

I saw this as a wish for book on NetGalley. To be honest, I hadn’t had one I wished for come true – until this one did! Maybe all those extra prayers helped!

I have never been more thrilled to get an ARC!

So, thank you so much to #NetGalley, the amazing author Darcy Coates, and the publisher, Poisoned Pen Press for granting my wish and sending me an electronic ARC in exchange for my honest opinions.

Thank you for spending time reading my thoughts and reviews. I do hope you take a minute and let me know what you think. What are you reading right now? Any books you recommend? I’d love to know and I’d love to have you follow along with my reading (and book art) journey!

Happy reading my friends!


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