Forgotten History-Mengele’s reluctant assistants

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I am not going into the details of the horrific acts of the evil personified called Joseph Menegele. His quote ‘The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it’ is chilling but also quite accurate, people just couldn’t fathom the evilness of the Nazi regime.

The fact is that Mangele was assisted pursuing his evil agenda until the day he died, even after the war he was allowed to continue his experiments. Even a reward of close to $2.5 million did not help getting him brought to justice. Clearly he must have been helped by government officials in high positions of several governments across the globe and mainly the German, Argentinian and US administrations.

More surprisingly though is the assistance he got in Auschwitz.

Berthold Epstein


Berthold Epstein (1 April 1897, Pilsen, then part of Austria-Hungary – 9 June 1962 in Prague) was a…

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