Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly


Hitler’s “work camp” … for women.

At the main camp… 26,700 women taken from their homes…

And worked… to death… and they were the lucky ones.

Young Dr. Herta Oberheuser, desperate to be equal to her male counterparts, takes a position at Ravensbruck – unaware of what’s in store for her. 

The horror she would create…

The sheer number of lives she would alter… or extinguish…

Caroline Ferriday… Broadway Actress, Philanthropist, and Champion for the orphans of the war.

A beautiful soul determined for the world to know of the atrocities committed.

Kasia, a young girl from Poland… arrested with her mother and sister and sent to Ravensbruck.

Hunted by dogs, made to pull paving equipment like mules, and experimented on without their knowledge…

Three lives… all changed by the brutality of war…

A serial killer, a godmother, and a child…

Set on a collision course of epic proportions. Who will save whom, and who truly deserves salvation? 

What I took away from this 5/5 star novel was the power of friendship and love that while forged in the pits of hell, was like their spirits, left unbroken.

Be sure not to miss the bus for truth and salvation, and go read Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly today. 


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