Holding down the wanna be hurricane winds. (Again no sensitivities…..check those in my special coat closet!)

Have you missed me? I sure have missed all of you!!! So as we speak, I am hanging on as all around me trees are falling and wind is roaring and the rain is beating on the windows and doors, wanting to come in and blow me to oz…….or somewhere else…..who knows! 

Man, I thought I had that dang thing lifted. Oh well. I never much liked Satan anyway! He knows if I come his way I’m taking over! Sometimes just admitting defeat is enough. I am glad he realizes that there has been enough chaos lately that if I come down there, well………sheesh, guess that’s why I still have that stupid restraining order! πŸ˜‚

So, I missed quite a few days, however living at the oceanfront, when you hear the word “hurricane” you generally ignore it. This one though, it caught our attention. All I can say is THANK YOU FLORIDA FOR TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM! Florida scared that hurricane so bad, it petered out into just a tropical storm. Now, that still mean “Oh goodness, everyone pray the power stays on!” Yeah about that power thing. 

Ahhhhh! I LOVE Floridians! Riding out the storm in peace. Meanwhile in Virginia Beach………

We LOVE wind here! Feeling low?? Just need a lift?? Come see us! 

We are a non stop hoot! We surf here when red flagged, terrible storms, and sharks in the water! Those Australians should hold the championships here! We fear nothing!

Sharks? We aren’t afraid of no sharks? We carry sharks up the beach for our workout runs. Doesn’t everyone? 


Ahhhhhh………what a light and breezy day! 

Don’t mind our falling trees. We didn’t need that one anyway. We can drive ……around…..

Good thing our wifi came back. Think I should tell them…..their quality is poor…..must be a micro connection…….

Even our chihuahua is in the spirit. Lobster fest post tropical storm! Just follow me!


Don’t worry, no lobsters were harmed in the filming of this video! Or our chihuahua! So, just stay tuned. I do hope I will be back! At least we are living it up!!

Until next time! Stay dry….



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