I’ve always heard of red hot rage, but that goes against my nursing Instincts. I am not upset when patients yell at me in the ER. Or curse. Or even throw things. They are sick, and sick people feel miserable. I just love them more and pay more attention to their needs. Well last night, as always, my 6 pound Chihuahua went out to potty and play, and he was attacked by a COYOTE! Who in the holy sh*t would expect a COYOTE at the beach where there are so many people?!?!

So, I have now experienced that red vision rage. Where you want to rip apart a creature with your bare hands. Where you don’t care what society thinks. 

Here’s the culprit. 

I  offer a bounty, however I’m hoping the shame on social media will ruin his chances of EVER getting a wife or having friends. 

Meanwhile, my sweet baby has a puncture wound, had to get a rabies booster, antibiotics, and pain meds. 

I am still rage red. I’m hoping it subsides. I’ll be sure to post the humorous post soon. In the meantime SPREAD THE WORD!!! Let’s ban together and SHAME THIS COYOTE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Really!? I think he missed his turnoff somewhere. 

So this regarded coyote has officially earned the “I’m the stupidest creature alive” award from me. I have my possee assembled here. Now, let’s roast this idiot coyote on social media! DOWN WITH THE DUMB A$$ COYOTES THAT MISSED THEIR TURN AND HIT THE BEACH. Should have kept going. 

Until later ………



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9 thoughts on “Rage!

  1. There is no greater LOVE then that of a parent for a “child”. I know I would “kill” if anyone or anything tried to harm one of my babies. I really hope yours will be feeling better soon. That is so scary to have a coyote hurt your dog. (((HUGS))) ❤

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      1. The thought ran through my head so I share with you. If your dog is up to date on his rabies vaccines, there is no need for a booster. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I’m an RN and I am not practicing for many reasons, one of them being how vaccines and medications are over prescribed and truly are detrimental. I just don’t agree with the way medicine has become. Please be careful with your dog regarding vaccines. One of my precious cats died directly as a result from a rabies vaccine. I honestly don’t mean to frighten you. Please please think things through. ❤

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      2. So just sharing …… I am also an RN. His boosters were all up to date, however he is so fluffy I missed a puncture that the vet found. I knew I smelled blood. I am more concerned he has traumatic muscle injuries so he is so sore he can hardly move. Not acting “right.” You know…that tiny voice.

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      3. Oh poor baby. Those punctures can be really messy and turn very nasty with cellulitis. Good thing the vet found it. When my Rusty almost lost his leg from a puncture wound to his paw, I soaked his leg in warm Epson salts. This really helped with the muscle damage and huge wound. He was given a strong pain med before the soak and even then he screamed. Very stressful and at times I was sobbing but I felt strongly he needed this. And I was right. Hope this helps. There is nothing worse then seeing a beloved fur kid in pain and in distress. Of course he was on massive antibiotics and SQ fluids with LR. Hang in there. I really feel for you. ❤

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      4. I forgot to tell you. My husband and I care for and Love special needs cats and have done so for over 15 years. We combine allopathic with natural remedies to help these babies. I have a lot of hard earned experience, so if you need anything, please let me know. Your baby is in shock right now and I think would benefit from something like Rescue Remedy to keep him calm. Pain Meds too a must right now, in my opinion. Hope this too helps. ❤

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