So, reflecting is a b*tch!

Reflections suck. Have you ever said “what if!?” Have you ever wanted to just blink back in time and smack the sh*t out of your young self??? I have this post written, it’s almost finished, but sometimes those reflections come back and smack YOU in the face. So again, my friends, it will be a bit longer as I sort through ashes and then look at that bridge, and decide whether to allow a small person to walk through. Who knows. When you face dilemma, what’s your first thing you do??! Run? Talk too much? Burn that bridge to the ground? Breach that door like a boss??  I’m curious. Please let me know!


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      1. You’re welcome… I liked reading the few posts that I mustered reading. Praise the ones who are worthy and encourage does with potential 😉

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