New Blog Site Sure To Entertain You!

Well, as I am switching around my blog pages, and hoping I don’t lose anyone in the process, (Or if I do don’t worry, I will call 9-eleven on my phone…..when I can find that darned 11 button….) I do hope you will stop and say hi, read a blog, read a post, make aContinue reading “New Blog Site Sure To Entertain You!”

Time is a river…

                                                                         Eleanor by Jason Gurley                                                        by: PNJbookreviews   (~ J )   Two bubbles, back to back, a spark of light, a string severed in time. One brief, crushing moment and two bubbles float away from each other, forever severed and blowing away, each in their own iridescent way. Do the bubbles know theyContinue reading “Time is a river…”

Dead of Night by Jonathan Mayberry

Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   Reviewed by: PnJsBookReviews  02/18/2016   Serial killers. Who likes them? Killing men, women, and children as if they are inconsequential while causing fear, and chaos to reign over the mass populous. Then if our police are lucky, diligent, maybe both, and they are arrested, we house and feed themContinue reading “Dead of Night by Jonathan Mayberry”

My Journey Finding Jake

Finding Jake by: Bryan Reardon Reviewed by PnJbookreview  02/16/2016   Imagine, you are at work, home, in the grocery store, just going about your day. It’s been an especially pleasant and warm day in November, your day is like every other day. For 16 years you have stayed at home, raised your children in aContinue reading “My Journey Finding Jake”

Sometimes you have to believe………….

So, I said I would continue on about living life with my new diagnosed brain aneurysm and the “other” things that they have diagnosed, or are in the process of testing for searching for some other pleasant thing that I can add to my rapidly growing list. And I may get around to that, butContinue reading “Sometimes you have to believe………….”