Book Art Candles

I can’t believe that the season is already upon us! Time for fall evenings, football, fire pits, holiday planning and candles … tons of candles.

Book Art Candles are the way to go!

When you take those gently used, unloved, fixing to be trashed, or (goodness forbid) burned (yikes!) books, and apply just a little extra love, you now have a book that’s been given a new purpose and new life.

Book Art Candles and Vase sculptures are the best displays all year long.

These can be customized and displayed all year long. What a gift you are giving yourself or someone you love, and what a gift you are giving these books with a second chance.

Book Art Candles are good as wall, table and shelf displays.

Each book art candle, and all book flowers, are handmade with hundreds of folds carefully placed, artfully crafted, and with attention to detail present in every creation. These truly can be made as a compliment to your home decor, a reflection of your personality, or a thoughtful, unique gift for family and friends.

You can’t imagine how stunning these are in person – photos do them no justice!

While just adding a few examples to my Etsy shop, the sky is absolutely the limit on color creations and endless beauty!

Tea lights really make these candles pop!

Drop by my Etsy shop and check out some of my book art creations. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask me! I love to help create and plan!

Books are truly works of art.

I hope you’ll come visit me at to check out these book art candles and see more of my book art creations.

Candles are so beautiful when displayed.

Candles are always in style and it’s definitely that time when they just add that special touch. Thank you so much for checking out my Book Art Candles, and I look forward to creating one just for you!

I just love making paper flowers for recycled book art candles!


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