The Good Lie

Do you have a taste for a story that will twist and turn you, fool and bend you, and eventually will just blow you out of the water? Well, you are in luck with this twisted thriller right here!

Oh yeah you did!

First you learn of the Bloody Heart Killer, and all of the gorgeous, male victims he has kidnapped, tortured and killed, while also learning that the seventh victim of the killer has escaped and made it back home. Whew!! Right?! Only…

You meet Dr. Gwen Moore who’s a talented psychiatrist, specialist in the field of serial killers and violent offenders. (Whoa, what a creepy, scary, what are you thinking kind of job is that, right?!) Seeing her interactions with patients (one in particular) – which starts a crazy descent into madness that you will not be expecting!

Let the killing …therapy??… begin!!

Hot defense attorney voluntarily representing the man caught and accused of being the killer, but he’s the father of the sixth victim … whaaaaaattttttt?????? And how is he connected to the lovely doctor? Oh my people!

A. R. Torre is one of my favorite authors and she does not disappoint in this newest novel of mind bending thrills and … kills… This is definitely a fun, fast read that you should not miss partaking of this summer!

Thank you so much to #NetGalley, the publisher and the killer author A. R. Torre for the electronic ARC in exchange for my unbiased opinions. This was a 4.5 out of 5 star read and one I am definitely recommending to anyone liking suspense, thrill, mystery, fast paced, compulsively readable novels! Happy reading my friends!

I’d love to hear what you think! What are you reading??

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