Nightmare Before Christmas

I know, it’s only March, but who doesn’t just love The Nightmare Before Christmas all year long? I go around singing songs from here all year long. One of my favorites …

Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy around! If I were on his boogie list I’d get out of town!

And what about the love story that is Jack and Sally? I’m not a big romance person, but I must admit that this makes me wanna be under the moonlight too.

We’re simply meant to be.

So, I decided to upcycle this book into a tribute to one of my favorite movies. Tons of handmade book flowers, hand cutout hearts, and lots of hand cut character pieces, I hand cut the town and even painted a moon.

Hand cut pieces make this book so unique.

I didn’t just stop on the inside though. . . Take a look at what o did to the cover to make it match!

I see Zero!

Do you have a favorite movie or character that just makes you smile and feel happy? The best thing about books art sculptures is that it can be done just for you. Take a peek at my Etsy shop! Send me a message… I bet we can make your favorite come to life and give a book a second chance to bring you happiness too!

Under the moonlight …

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