Walking Alone

Do you know what is the best part about Fall? It’s definitely not the pumpkin spice over here, y’all! It’s the horror, horror, horror fests! That’s right! The creep me out, scare me so bad I want to cry, and please impress me haunts of the season that get THIS girls blood pumping! And who knows how to spot horror better than just about anyone you ask? Why that would be my friends over at Cemetery Dance Publications, and boy do they have some doozies in the pipelines!


Dropping in as one of my all time favorites is none other than the man Stephen King has called “a master of the macabre,” Bentley Little himself! This amazing author has had books that have been the stuff of my nightmares for YEARS, and his short story collection ‘Walking Alone’ does not disappoint. This gem provides twenty-seven tales in a time walk of terror, spanning from 1985 – 2017. That’s THIRTY-TWO YEARS of mind bending, spine tingling, horror inducing writing sure to please just about ANY horror fan!

giphyDo you like horrible, misshapen, deformed, killer attack babies? Oh yeah, he has a story for you! What about killer snowmen? Check! Haunted carwashes? Killer grandparents? Twisted children’s hospital patients? He definitely had MY curiosity peaked!

sourceThen, if you dare, you can creep into tales like “The Maid” which made me question whether I ever wanted to travel again, and if I did, would I think twice about calling for more towels, or… anything really.

giphy1One of my favorite stories may just be the shortest story in the book called “A Random Thought From God’s Day.” Makes you stop and think about what all would constitute going straight to hell.

sins3This is a collection that no horror enthusiast should pass by! Many thanks to Cemetery Dance Publications for the ARC they provided, and to you, the avid reader, make your way to Cemetery Dance Publications and look for this as well as their other terrifying tales for all your nightmare needs! I can’t wait to see what they put out next!


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  1. I have never, ever heard of him, but I am def going to check him out. I mean, you’re so darn enthusiastic about him he’s got to be good.

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