Comicon and The Mall

So, first and foremost I would love to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there making it happen in their kids lives! 

I thought that I would give you guys a quick update on the Comicon adventure… (translated to the “what in the world was that?” adventure)…

So anytime you are inundated with another sub-culture you have no clue about, there is bound to be some awkward moments. Perhaps standing outside a busy street wearing this fine get up would be one of those such moments…


Yes, that is a big ass purple horse suit. Who knew? One would think that once glimpsing this fine specimen of a … horsemen… there would be nothing left to top the cake. Again, this is where one would be wrong. 

Yes, that would be someone in a dinosaur suit dancing and… ??? I must give credit where credit is due… I could not have done what they did! I guess I am still scarred by my Barney days and could not wear a big purple dinosaur suit. But hey, THIS GUY… THIS GUY is all Heart and Soul! 

I guess you can’t find fault in people having a good time! I mean if this guy isn’t embarrassed, surely my child shouldn’t be embarrassed that while at the mall and the teen driver is not leaving her parking space after putting her reverse lights on (because it is WAY more important to take selfies of your clothes you just bought at the store and posting to social media while MY child’s car is about hit twice since the parking lot is horribly designed), I just happen to get out of the car and go to her window and bang on it to ask her if it is indeed her intention to leave this parking space. Once I had her attention I politely (ok so maybe I am a smart ass) asked her to remove her vehicle from said parking space and take her selfies in a different lot. Hey, my daughter finally got to park her car, without being hit, and that’s what counts! 

If you choose to put your car in reverse, then REVERSE… plain and simple. Besides, when you have been waiting for 10 minutes for said spot, it is time to just ask a simple question… 

Maybe I just don’t do good with brain dead, angsty teenagers. It seemed that they all were congregated in WHATEVER area I was in yesterday…

What I can say is that a full day of teens and Comicon, The Mall, people that left their brains at home and trying to remain on the outside of any barred views, I have learned a very important lesson…

And maybe that isn’t so bad… So all in all Saturday was a win. For some more than others, but it was smiles all around! 

Now on to the next adventure! 

Happy Father’s Day to you, and whoever you consider your father. Happy Father’s Day to my daddy in heaven. I hope you have a great day!


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