American War


American War by Omar El Akkad is the painful journey that reveals how a curious girl evolves into a pitiless fighter.

It is the story of yet another civil war in the United States in the late 21st century that has fractured it once again into North versus South.

It is the story of a young girl who suddenly loses her father to a suicide bomber.

And a family’s desperate attempt to stay together in a time of war.

What would you do if you had lost EVERYTHING? Steal? Lie? Become a sniper?

What if your best friend ended up as one of the “enemies?” Could you pull the trigger? What if it was your brother?

What would you do if you stood to lose it all? This is war. This is a divided nation. This is a book you DO NOT want to miss. Predictive of our future? Maybe. Read it, and then tell me what you think. What would you do in another American War?

Could you pull the trigger?

Let me know what you think.


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