The Wolf Road

The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

I was surprisingly absolutely blown away by this book. When first reading the description I was unsure of what I would be in for, but author Beth Lewis took me on an incredible journey that I am not soon to forget.


This book is set in post apocalyptic days after Russians “accidentally” drop bombs that kill off most all of humanity while destroying wildlife and vegetation. This breathtaking novel starts at the end of the main characters “old self,” and reverts back to tell her story leading up to that first fateful encounter. (You’ll just have to read what happens, I don’t want to spoil any part of the fantastic finale for you!)


When we first meet Elka, the main character, she is 18 years old and living as part of the “wild” with a man she calls “Trapper.” Her real parents left her with her Nana to seek fortune in the Northern country when gold reappears in the land after the bombs have created new geographic designs. When a thunderhead blows through and literally blows Elka, age 7, away “Trapper” finds her and fills in a “Daddy” roll for her, even if she doesn’t tell him.


While learning to live off the land, she no longer interacts with other people. Through the years she learns to become one with nature, hunting and trapping as effectively and efficiently as “Trapper.” Life is good for Elka. She is desperate for a “Mommy,” and breaks one of “Trapper’s” rules in speaking to a woman she finds out in the forest. Elka finds kindness in Missy, and wants her to be her new mommy. “Trapper” returns to find another woman in the cabin and is angry with Elka. When “Trapper” leaves to take the woman in the forest home, fate drops its hand in happiness and Elka finds out that “Trapper” is really a dangerous murderer named “Kreager Hallet.” With her cabin set aflame, the law now after “Kreager” and Elka, she decides to travel North and find her real parents to find a home.


So, what do a lone wolf pup, a prissy uptight girl, and a wild child, literally, have in common? Why an epic journey of course!

Elka’s adventures span far and wide, and this book is written as if Elka herself is speaking to you in her uneducated, wild and fierce voice. Elka makes you feel like a friend that is along for all of the madness, danger, pursuits, narrow escapes, hunts, hidden truths, and all the healing this book could pack in. It was so harrowing and breathtaking that at times I could not put the book down for fear of not being there for Elka as she braves crossing treacherous rivers to save the prissy Penelope from her big city ways, or narrowly escape the hands of the “Dandy Man” who crates and ships girls off to the madam’s in the brothels. Were Elka and Penelope doomed to fall prey, or would the law or “Kreager Hallet” reach them first? Could Penelope be as tough as the wild and Elka and the wolf, or would the intense climate changes be the end of poor Penelope? What secrets lie hidden between them?


I definitely give this book a 5 out of 5 stars for the unique language used, as well as for the way the story sucks you in from the beginning and just won’t let you go. Author Beth Lewis did an amazing job with this intense, action and drama filled novel. If I were you, I would go immediately and purchase “The Wolf Road” by Beth Lewis right now, and find the answers to these and many more intense interactions, including an unforeseen turn of events before the novel is through!


Well, why are you still sitting there? Go! Now! Read it!


 As always, until next time….Happy Reading to you all!!!


***I was extremely lucky to receive an ARC copy for review from Blogging for Books and Crown Publishing, as well as the fantastic author Beth Lewis in exchange for my honest review. “The Wolf Road” is author Beth Lewis ‘s first novel. I look forward to her future publications! Thank you to all for this amazing opportunity!***


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