Duplicity, you see, is what divides the whole of me. I realized I have been away a bit from my posts…….well, dear readers, it’s because of my head full of ghosts…


Spinning and turning their webs and their snares, watching to see if you know I’m not there. Wanting to twist and tie up my words. Wanting my voice not to be heard.


Don’t worry my friends, I have a bunch of gifts I want to give. Keep your eye on the page for the fun to begin. Alas, my friends, though they try to force me down, I laugh as I know this girl can’t be held down. 


No need to send rescue, or look through the trees, my reviews will float back to your ears with the breeze.


Tales for you I have of books and of things, of journeys, and thoughts, and things that you need. So keep watching, dear friends, as I light up the show; my thoughts and my words have no where left to go. 


Bent, not broken, my words still will be……written by just little ole me………


I’ll see you REAL soon……





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