Happy Mother’s Day!

A GREAT BIG HEY AND HELLO to anyone who has never been to one of my blogs or book reviews. (I kinda feel sad for you….you’re missing out on all kinds of cool books and fun facts!)


So I thought I would take a minute and do the “down and dirty version” of me and why I am doing what I do.


 I started writing this particular blog to do book reviews as a way to remain busy. I had just had a stroke at work, and many other bad things kept popping up, I started using writing as my solace. 


Over time, I have shared more of me with you as well as the book reviews too. I’ve started a very small online store as well as sell on Ebay : 


You should go take a look. There is TONS of great additions to your reading such as body lotion, body mist, kits, several books……the list goes on and on. The best part is I add more EVERY time I’m on!!


To beat all, I just won a writing contest with a new hosting and domain site as well as a more focused writing agenda. (Thanks again Ramsay should you be reading this!) 


Yes, in fact I do think every one of these was me at some point!

If you read my page often, then you know how desperate of a situation we are in over here in Aneurysm Neverland. Besides those nasty strokes and the huge aneurysm that is in a place that would be hard to get out, we know are watching the kidneys and adrenals because of a tumor that affects the adrenal glands called pheochryocytoma as well as paraganglioma. Just saying those disease processes makes me need a drink………of Dr.Pepper, come on now!


This is again the time that I press upon you, and count on your acts of kindness, as these horrible conditions need a specialist, and well……I guess we just aren’t very special here……but we do have style!


So if you could kindly go ahead and visit this link below, the donation for medical treatment link, I know my kids will be thanking you for it. Anything will help and know that your money will be assisting my family to get me to Duke University Medical Center, (notice the blue?!?!) where we found a specialist that deals in the pheochryocytoma as well as the paragangliomas. If we can remove the one tumor a lot of these symptoms will be resolved, however the paraganglioma carries with it a nasty near fatal diagnosis….we need to get this out people! You’ll be saving your daily comedy, a mother, an Emergency Nurse, and person that would, and does, extend their hand out to assist others…… SO, y’all dance on over to this link and help us get the funds we need for not 1 but 2 major surgeries…


You know I thank you and the kids do too….so here’s your link :

Saving your Nurses from tragedy One dollar at a time!!

Alright my favorite people! I’m out of here with my wordy self for now…..so I can write all these book reviews up!

As always, I wish you peace and happy readings! 



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