The Ever Elusive Part Two

The Ever Elusive Part Two!

So when I left you last, I had descended into the seven circles of hell. The thing about being a nurse is that we always THINK we know just how the patient feels, because come on, we have just as long of a wait time as they do. Waiting on the med student to make his round…..

And then we wait for the resident to decide to go make his round……

And then we wait for those two brains to confer before they present your case to the attending. Then he will come in and ask you the same 500 questions your nurse did (who has already diagnosed you and asked 3 hours ago if things could be started), and the med student asked you (probably timidly), and then the mighty resident did (because he MUST show the med student he is omnipotent), just so now we ALL now know…you’re sick. He then goes into the room for his own assessment, comes out to write orders, or correct orders the residents write, and scream at your nurse WHY haven’t things been done yet…..yup……that’s one level of hell…..


So, as a nurse, I knew I had entered this never ending cycle of ebb and flow of med students, residents, and patients. Front door patients, backdoor patients, falling from the ceiling patients…..but I never would have predicted what happens when you fall into the second level of hell……the waiting room……


And I had EIGHT glorious hours of fun filled waiting room entertainment to keep me shoved in my corner the WHOLE time!


That entertainment will be brought to you very soon! I will be back with part 3 Fearing For Your Life In the ER Waiting Room….in a DAY-OH….in a DAAAAY-OH…..promise….

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