Saturday…..and read for the poll……I’m thinking you may need this as much as I did!!! πŸ˜‰

I know my friends that my promise of my funnier anecdote at being a patient rather than a nurse is long overdue. Believe me, it is almost ready for publishing. (I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my random drop of the multiple f-bombs I seem to have dropped while writing it!) :1)

I also have be wrapped in the tangled avenues of having my fur baby attacked by the coyote and All The CRAP you deal with after. (Ummmm yes health department, he is 7 years old. He’s had ALL his shots. He is 6 pounds that coyote was 60……go track HIS issues. Sheesh!) Oh, and don’t worry, in case you aren’t rattled enough, worried beyond belief, pay crazy amounts of money to a vet (what the he$l do they get paid so much for when YOU do the work?!?! … offense any vet friends just bad week,) the lovely health department assures you they will KEEP CALLING BACK. What?!?! Is this a commercial?!?! Can you hear me now?!?!

Anyhoo my lovelies! I also have a few (hundred) book reviews I was to post so it’s been that kind of week. So my plans for today are sunny, sunny, and sunny, with a strong chance of sea air blowing on the beach, while using my time to read (of course), relax (what’s that), and hopefully finish up a few posts that will make me (and hopefully you) giggle! 

I do believe I MAY be able to get my totally silly post out soon…… And I mean gut splitting, OMG I am gonna die, that’s fan-freaking-tastic post out today IF you guys need a laugh! So all in favor……..comment below! ( And please check all sensitivities at the door) πŸ™‚ 

~ J 

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